Macon Mancey Chardonnay 2021 Les Cadoles, By Les Vigerons De Mancey

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Mâcon-Mancey white

Red Mâcon-Mancey has been around for some time. It needed the white equivalent to go with it. This has been the case since the Institut National des Appellations d’Origine (National Institute of Appellations of Origin) recognized that some terroirs are worthy of the appellation name.  These terroirs produce rich, powerful, and full-bodied wines.  Our Mâcon-Mancey white comes from the old vines of Chardonnay which go into the "Les Essentielles" wines. 

Les Cadoles:  Our local pride

The "Les Cadoles" wines come from selected plots in several domaines.

On the slopes of Tournus and Mancey and elsewhere, you will spy numerous "cadoles", small constructions that served as shelters for the wine growers.  Varying in sophistication, their design is quite unique. You could say they resemble stone igloos!